Comprehensive Recommendations On English Homework

Writing like mathematics is just not everyone’s strong suit. You may have the ideas in your head. You know exactly what to say but when it is time to put it down on paper, it all comes off so wrong. While this is not gospel, here are a few things to consider when getting to that English homework.

  • Environment. Your environment is very important. You want to find a quiet work area where you can allow yourself to read with understanding, to think and to organize your thoughts. This is not a hard or fast rule though. While it is true that it should help you to think better when you are in a peaceful and tranquil environment, I know individuals who need to play music when they are working on academic assignments. Know yourself and what strategies work for you. For those who use music, it may bring them calm and creativity, but if it going to be a distraction for you- which it is for most- then you want to leave the music out.
  • Organizing Your Thoughts- organizing your thoughts will begin with disorganization at first. Jot down your ideas as they come, not paying much attention to the organization. Remember when completing an English task, there may be several drafts involved. Don’t be afraid to jot down, cross out and add.
  • Tools- employ the tools that have been created to make English much easier for you. The dictionary and thesaurus are to an English student what a calculator is to a Math student. Be friends with these tools. Instead of overusing a word, use your Thesaurus to find equivalent ones. Be sure to double check the part of speech before deciding on an alternate word to keep the meaning.
  • Make Use of linking Words- use a list of linking words to make your sentences and paragraphs flow more easily and appear less stilted. Words such as on the other hand, on the one hand, however, nevertheless, moreover, firstly, are just some examples that you can use.
  • Re-read your work – Even when you are a professional writer you must re-read your work. Most times we are typing and our brain is moving faster than the keyboard. Search for typos, use a spell checker, use a site that can help you to check your grammar and to check for originality of your work.
  • Don’t be afraid to get professional help- never let a homework go incomplete because you didn’t understand it or couldn’t complete it yourself.

You don’t have to shy away from completing your English homework anymore. If after these tips you still have trouble coming up with ideas, organizing your thoughts or just need a second professional opinion, follow this link.