Dealing With Homework Literature Review: Basic Hints

When writing their first literature review, many people make the mistake of thinking that there is nothing more to this than simply reading a book or a published working and summarizing the details. This is wrong on so many levels. Summarizing details isn’t what your literature review homework is about. The key behind a literature review is in understanding your role of making a critical analysis of the published work focusing on a point of interest to discuss.

So now that I’ve gotten your attention and you understand that there is a lot more involved in this than you originally thought, let’s explore some basic hints to get you on the right track of completing that homework.

  • a) APA Style Guide
    • Writing literature reviews normally follow the APA style guide which will cover a large content. You can visit reputable websites which usually have updated information on both APA and MLA style guides.
    • The correct style guide is usually associated with the discipline of your study, but if you want to be sure, check with your teacher that this is the guide you should follow.
  • b) Reading Your Literature
    • When you decide to start reading your literature, you may want to have a few ideas in your mind about what you want to write about. This makes it easier for you to highlight supporting points as you are reading through. You don’t have to settle on a specific topic before reading though, as sometimes you will find that when reading you start to lean to another topic. In the event this happens, it is totally fine. Remember, there are several drafts before you get to your finished product.
  • c) Jot Down Your Findings
    • Never ever start your essay without trying to organize your findings.
    • Having read through your main text, in additional to some supplementary ones, you will start to organize your main points and the supporting evidence under each point. This is dividing your essay into paragraphs, not by writing the review but developing short points, organized to create paragraphs.
    • It is recommended that each paragraph has a main statement followed by the ideas to support that main statement.
  • d) Writing the Essay
    • This is an academic paper so ensure that your tone is informative and formal.
    • Your introduction is important as it sets the tone for your paper. Make it interesting, informative so that your professor will genuinely want to read more.
    • Ensure that the purpose and aim of your essay is clearly defined in this paragraph as it lets the reader know what to expect from your paper. Your introductory paragraph can determine how good your literature review is.
    • Develop no less than three main points, ensuring that you explore the arguments fully. A good paper is one that also considers an opposing view, but takes care that the opposing view is not stronger that your own supporting arguments.

In a nutshell, writing a literature review homework is made simpler by the advice given above. Of course, you also have the option of enlisting help online with getting this done.